Vertigo is a Latin-root word that means “turning”. Vertigo is a condition of imbalance that appears when false stimulus come from the balance system of the body, or right stimulus are perceived wrongly. It is a condition caused mostly by inner ear diseases.

Meniere’s disease (build-up of fluid in one side of the ear) is one of the common disorders in women. Since 80% of the cases of Meniere’s disease are seen in women, dizziness is more common in women.
It is of great importance to know the cause of the dizziness, after investigating the actual cause of vertigo. If the condition is caused by a tumor, surgery is needed. If it is caused by psychological factors or Meniere’s disease, dizziness is reduced with drug treatment. What is actually the most important in the treatment is to ascertain the cause of Vertigo. A drug treatment is administered in conditions with psychological causes.