Skin Rejuvenation

A great variety of techniques are used to eliminate wrinkles and collapses in the skin. Aesthetic filler procedures are among these techniques. Such procedures are intended to eliminate the wrinkles and deep lines existing in the groove between the nose and the upper lip (nasolabial groove); eliminate the collapse between the two eyebrows; correct the volume and contour defects of the lips; provide more prominent cheekbone; and correct the jaw contour. In practice, mostly fillers containing hyaluronic acid are preferred. Today, the “Under-Eye Light Filling” procedures are the new trend in skin rejuvenation treatments. With filler injections, the skin looks brighter and more voluminous, and regains its elasticity.

The “Thermage” procedure is one of the procedures performed in for skin rejuvenation. The Thermage procedure increases the production of collagens, which enable the skin to start looking younger. The amount of collagen increases over time, ensuring the skin to look fresher, younger, and tighter. Immediately after the Thermage procedure, patients can return back to their everyday life.