Importance of Face Analysis in Plastic Surgery

Every nose is person-specific, and the ideal nose is the nose, which is best suited to the one’s face and well-proportioned to other parts of the face. A rhinoplasty operation planned specific to the patient should ensure the ideal nose by eliminating the imperfections of the nose and giving it a natural but aesthetic form, in harmony with the face.

Today, the essential objective of rhinoplasty operations is not only to correct the curvature or deformations of the nose but also make a nose in harmony with the facial contour of the person. Therefore, the most important step in a rhinoplasty operation is to evaluate the nose and plan the intended corrections in consultation with the patient. The proportional harmony between the nose and face, the structure of the nose, and the characteristics of the skin are discussed during the planning process. On the other hand, septum deviation, the size of the concha and the status of the nasal valve are evaluated in terms of functionality.

Each patient’s facial proportions are different; and therefore, a nose shape liked in a person may not look nice in another person. When planning a plastic surgery in the facial area, the shape of the face, the facial proportions, and even the quality and character of the skin should be adequately analyzed before surgery, and the new nose shape should be designed accordingly. A long nose and a nose with a narrow tip in a round-shaped face may not look nice because it disrupts the overall harmony. On the other hand, a short nose may look ugly in a long face.

Designing the nose digitally by means of the renewed technology allows for a better nose analysis. The nose image is transmitted to the computer by means of a digital camera, and then changes are made on the photos using the Alter image technology to obtain approximate image that will be achieved after the surgery.

The increase in the self-confidence of the patient after an aesthetic operation that has achieved the goal and given a good result, positively affect his/her social and business life as well as point of view on life.