Step Rhinoplasty

Nowadays, the number of rhinoplasty operations is gradually increasing. Surgeon Dr. Alpaslan Yildirim gave important information about what the patients will encounter in rhinoplasty operations, and what are experienced in the preoperative and postoperative periods. “Rhinoplasty is a […]

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Take selfie according to the structure of your nose

Stating that people with a ‘flat nose’ should take selfies from the sides, and those with a ‘small nose’ should take selfies from a side angle, Yildirim also gave information about how people with an eagle-like nose, a […]

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How to be protected from school-age diseases?

With the end of the summer vacation, millions of children started the school. In these days that coincide with the season of autumn, when schools are opened, the risk of colds and flu infections increases. Stating that the […]

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